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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As the Worm Turns

I am sure that one of my readers will provide me the source of this expression that is my title today. A lawyer friend has suggested that the origin dates to the story of the worm that ate the gourd that provided shade and comfort to Jonah, the angry prophet. What does the gourd represent?

The gourd represents the composite of bad concepts and ideas held by Jonah, the angry prophet. The authors of the Book of Jonah and the other so-called Minor Prophets did their rewritings of sacred scripture correcting “errors” and misconceptions.

Some of the errors corrected by the author of the book of Jonah have been previously noted. Josephus rewrote sacred scriptures to undermine the foundation of the writings of Luke. Matthew and Mark rewrote Luke-Acts correcting Luke’s errors.

Q is a hypothetical source in Greek which can be reconstructed from verbatim agreements between Matthew and Luke where there is parallel in Mark. However, even those scholars using a precise definition, disagree on the content of this document. Q was created to provide the hypothetical source independently utilized by Matthew and Luke. The time has come for the worm to eat this gourd.

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