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Friday, January 20, 2006

Eaten by worms and survived

So many bloggers are interviewing celebrities, that I decided to interview, Jim West, successor to Peter, and Pastor of First Baptist Church, Petros. “Is it true you founded your church on the rock?” “I didn't establish the church- its been here since 1896.” “Is the town really named Petros?” “yup.” I reported earlier that the Jim’s blog and mine had been eaten by worms. I can now report that we both survived. My son, the IT Major at Penn State, saved me but Jim West decided that the congregation comes first; that he needs to educate the hometown first. You can view the resurrected Jim at petros. It is still my first visit of the day and I am not even Baptist.

Yesterday at 9:11, Jim posted a good article on “Separation of Church and State: The Baptist Heritage.” It is an important First Amendment concept that we all need to recognize and accept.

I survived and I can report that “blogger” is now posting my articles as of the same date that I am posting them. However there are five or six articles posted as of January 8th, (I must been really busy that day), when in reality there were posted over several days. I am still thinking about Jonah and whether or not worms were a problem in his day! I received an email from someone who read my post on the “Pandemic Bird Flu and Other Health Problems” who suggested that we all need to be eating dirt. One approach to Jonah has to been to consider his book as satire. I do not know if I am ready for that. Eat and Google carefully.

I spoke too quickly. The dating problem still exists.

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