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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Prophet like Jonah

No one, to my knowledge has ever said Jesus was a prophet like Jonah. I suggest to you, that although the evidence is weak, it is a possibility that Mark, in several instances, is in fact alluding to Jonah, the angry prophet. Bart Ehrman has described the textual problems with Mark 1:41 where he believes that a scribe changed an angry Jesus to a compassionate Jesus. There are two other instances in 3:5 and 10:14 where Mark describes Jesus as angry.

There is also a hint of anger in Mark 8:11-13 where Mark has a report of a refusal of a sign that is closely related to the Sign of Jonah reports in Matthew and Luke. This may demonstrate Mark’s familiarity with the Sign of Jonah material in Matthew and Mark.

There are no parallels in Matthew or Luke. Ehrman asserts that Matthew and Luke have independently written “angry” out of their gospel. I suggest that Mark, reading and observing how Matthew and Luke had treated the Jonah material differently, omitted the explicit references to Jonah. Mark, instead, alluded to Jonah the angry prophet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Please allow me a moment of your time.

Up until now the Sign of Jonah has been explained by Biblical Scholars and Theologians as having been fulfilled with the three days and nights of Jesus in the tomb and His resurrection. But it is much, much more than this world has previously realized. It is simply amazing.

God completely revealed to me the meaning this scripture has for us today and called me to deliver the Sign of Jonah mentioned in Matthew 12:39-42 and the similar scripture in Luke 11.

It is a message of the true depth of God's love and mercy, along with the proclamation of the miraculous conversion and inclusion of the heathen into the Kingdom of God.


It also contains a call to repentance for the churches.

I am in England completing my compilation of every evidence I can find to back up this revelation. It's full meaning has been hidden from man only to be revealed at the end of the age to signal the coming of Christ.

In blindness some will not see it; in darkness some will see it and call it evil.

I am just a simple southern girl who has had a very hard life, like Jonah and others God has used to deliver His word I have no credentials except the call of God.

Already there has been inquiry and interest as my work more fully explains this scripture than up until now has even been realized. It may well become very controversial, that is why I am fully backing it as completely as possible with Theological, Biblical, and many other evidences before I release my work.

Would you like to know more of this Sign when my work is complete?

God bless you,


11:41 AM


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