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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Entrance Liturgy

The Temple is the sanctuary of God. A song was probably sung at the threshold of the Temple as the entrance liturgy. Psalms 15-24 may represent the psalms that constituted the entrance liturgy, arranged in chiastic fashion with Psalms 19 and 24 as the two bookends.

Entrance liturgy terminology is also used in discussing the conditions for access into the sanctuary. This question is addressed to the priest who has responsibility in such cultic matters (Isaiah 33:14; Psalms 15:1; 24:3). The priestly response informs the people of the requirements of Yahweh for access (Isa. 33”15-16; Pss. 15:2-5; 24:4-5).

Understanding that entrance liturgy is really about who can enter through the “gates of righteousness” may assist our interpretation of difficult passages. Last week, Pope Benedict reminded us that the debate about entrance requirements continues. The papal proclamation was both a distraction and the source of insight.

The Book of Micah is also about entrance requirements.

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