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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Miriam according to Micah

Miriam was their equal. Miriam is the first woman in Hebrew scripture described as a prophetess. According to
, “Micah’s statement reflects an ancient tradition that affirms that Miriam had a very significant leadership role in early Israelite history, a role that in later writing was downgraded partly in order to promote Moses as the prominent leader of Israel.”

Perhaps, Luke’s favorable view of women was influenced by Micah and Miriam.

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It is clear from his writings that Luke had a very positive view of women. However, as much as I wish he had learned it from Miriam and Micah, I believe that his view of women probably came out of his background as an educated physician. People who receive a broad education as Luke did have a better appreciation for the worth of a human being.

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