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Friday, July 13, 2007

Who appointed the Judges in 2nd Temple Judaism?

Who appointed the unjust judge appearing in Luke 18:1-8?

Both Micah and Jesus criticized the judges. I am asking this question because I saw this on


You Shall Appoint Judges: Ezra’s Mission and the Rescript of Artaxerxes, in J. W. Watts, Persia and Torah: The Theory of Imperial Authorization of the Pentateuch, SBL Symposium Series (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2001): 63-89.

In the time of the Second Temple, the High Priest was not only the religious leader of Israel and of the Temple, he came to be considered the head of the theocracy and the official representative of the nation to its Persian and later to its Roman rulers. G. Alon, The Jews In Their Land In The Talmudic Age, translated and edited by G. Levi, (Cambridge, Mass. 1989), 45.

I suspect that the HP and the temple establishment appointed the judges but I am only guessing.

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