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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The leper as a model

“Once again the example of love is prefigured in Christ with the leper. For here, you see how love makes him a servant, so that he helps the poor man freely and for nothing, seeks neither pleasure, favor nor honor thereby, but only the good of the poor man and the honor of God the father. For which reason he also forbids him to tell anyone, so that it be absolutely pure work of free kindly love.” Martin Luther

In the news, some one contributed 70 million dollars to a small group of colleges and universities. As a condition of the gift, the donor required the recipient to agree in writing not to attempt to ascertain the identity of the donor.

I am shocked. The donor wanted nothing in return. The donor should have also required that each of the recipients agree not to publicize the gift so that no one else, such a journalist, would attempt to ascertain the identity of the mysterious donor.

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