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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pyrrhic Victory

I just spent a week on trial in a lawsuit where the bank as the escrow agent made disbursements of $800,000 to the builder contrary to instructions which the bank had solicited from my client by having him signed its pre-printed form. The judge took the matter under advisement and will render a verdict shortly. In my humble opinion, the verdict winner will enjoy a pyrrhic victory.

Naturally, I wondered if the concept of a pyrrhic victory could be applied to the difficulties people have understanding the victory motif in Luke-Acts and if these difficulties explain why an alternate theory was developed by Christianity.

However, not having much sleep this past week, I am reluctant to develop my thoughts further. It is however, an interesting idea that is closely related to another idea I had this past week. Perhaps after my long weekend nap, I can begin to write again.

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