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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forgiveness of Sins according to Luke

In the story of the healing of the paralytic, his friends removed the tiles to create a hole in the roof of the house so that they could lower him on his bed in the middle of the crowded room. When the Lucan Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend your sins are forgiven you.”

The miracle the crowd expected to witness was postponed by the dialogue on forgiveness. Judaism had asserted that only God can forgive sins. The dialogue was concluded with the statement by Jesus that he would demonstrate his authority to forgive sins by healing the paralytic.

Bovon summarizes Luke on forgiveness by stating: “the forgiveness of sins is not realized once for all time on the cross, but it is a question of a relationship and the human decision for a renewed relationship with God is constitutive of this. For this reason Luke can write that the forgiveness is sins is announced “through this man [Jesus Christ]” (Acts 13:38) but is simultaneously given (Acts 5:31). Without the salvation historical work of Jesus Christ, forgiveness is impossible, but without human μετνοια (repentance), it can not be realized.”

The dialogue continues.

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