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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Statement of Purpose

This blog is dedicated to the writings of Saint Luke. However, there are occasional miscellaneous articles about matters of personal interest. There are also articles about subjects related to my search for a Solution such as the series of Micah and the current investigation of the early Church Fathers. Sometimes these ventures lead to dead ends and other times they have offered valuable insights not always obvious.

Stuhlmacher and Witherington both argue that the teachings and traditions of Jesus were transmitted to the primitive church in Jerusalem by the disciples whom Jesus had called. However, this carefully maintained continuity of tradition was unsuccessful in transmitting the teachings and traditions about the theology of the cross to the early Church Fathers. This failure presents a problem suggesting that the theology of the cross is later development.

My interest in the early Church Fathers is an effort to understand the theology of the early Christians; why Isaiah 53 was not a central text to the Church Fathers and why the early Church Fathers did not have a theology of the cross. I should note that 1 Clement 16:7 may contain an allusion to 1 Cor. 15:3 revealing an awareness of the Eucharistic saying, the significant of which needs to be developed. That is to say, Clement may have modified the Isaiah 53:6 LXX which he quoted in 1 Clement 16:7. However, Clement presents Jesus as the exemplary model for true Christians.

This is not intended as an apology for my straying from the Purpose but merely a disclosure that there may be a method to my madness.

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