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Friday, May 02, 2008

Politically Correct Presidential Theology

Now that the Prophet Jeremiah has been tossed under the bus by his politically correct Senator, I am wondering what will happen next. It is starting to look like a daytime television matinee.

My reading of the recent National Press Club speech of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright did not reveal anything disturbing. In fact, I was wondering if there has been so much spin that I can no longer recognize the substance.

Although the Pastor was not invited to the announcement of his presidential candidacy, the Pastor did conduct a private prayer meeting with the Senator and his wife just moments before the press conference. The Pastor was quoted shortly after the press conference that he expected some distancing to take place. At the National Press Club speech, he said politicians have to do what they have to do to be elected but that did not change the nature of their long-time pastor-member relationship.

The Bible is not politically correct but some politicians would not know that since so few of them have actually read it. The teachings of the religion need not be politically correct. They must be theologically correct. Politicians would do well to attend religious services where the members are required to leave their cell phones and recording devices at the front door.

Are the politicians saying that theology must now be politically correct?

Is it politically correct to ask a young black politician on the move why he would join the church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright with its 10,000 member congregation? Did not anyone ask any questions when this young black politician on the move was running for local and state office on the coattails of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and his very large congregation? Did he urge his members to vote for one of his members on Election Day? Did this young black politician on the move deliver a speech from the pulpit of this church while running for local or state office?

Did he sleep through all of the sermons? Was he a regular church attendee or did he only attend on Christmas and Easter and just before Election Day? Was the theology politically correct when he was running for local and state office?

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Blogger Chris Duckworth said...

Speaking of politics and faith, how about yesterday's National Day of Prayer? I've avoided reading coverage of the day, but I did hear the Speaker of the House of Delegates in Virginia talk of sin, prayer, and God.

Uh, I'd rather have him speak of taxes, education, infrastructure, and governance.

8:49 AM


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