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Friday, October 05, 2007

Waiting on tables: Outline and Rewrite

In preparing the outline for Waiting on tables I realized that the material being assembled was too voluminous for a single blog article. The first draft which I posted on October 1st was seven pages. The current version is now nine pages since I added the information necessary to support the argument that Luke used Nehemiah 9 as a source.

There are a number of additional reasons supporting the argument that the dispute in Acts 6 is about intermarriage. As Krodel stated “Luke never says everything at once, but expands and unfolds earlier themes as he moves step by step from one episode to another.” Consequently we need to recognize that the dispute in Acts 6 is merely one step in the step progression utilized by Luke. The extended version of Waiting on tables will demonstrate the accuracy of Krodel’s observation by discussing other instances in Luke-Acts where intermarriage is in view.

The final version will also include information on the criticism of the apostles in their handling of the incident and the dating of Stephen’s sermon.

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