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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gluttonous Prophets

As noted, greedy magistrates are not the only ones condemned by Micah. In verses 5-8, a judgment oracle is issued against the gluttonous prophets. Micah is upset that they have joined the cannibals to satisfy their own appetites instead of being the moral watchdogs of the theocracy. They failed to condemn injustice and crimes.

The “prophets” addresses by Micah are part of a long line of false prophets who lead the people astray. These false prophets, who misrepresented the judicial activity of Yahweh, were motivated by personal gain. The religious system joined the judicious system in protecting the criminal. They colluded with the rulers and the magistrates.

Today, some religious institutions use the judicial system to protect their status rather than challenging the system to protect the oppressed members of society. Are there no prophets left? Would we recognize them?

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