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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Death of Blogs and Dying

Tyler Williams is one of many bloggers who has discussed the Death of Blogs and what it might mean. I suppose for many, blogging is a fad and when it is no longer a fad it is time to move on to the next fad which may be moveon.

If the idea is not original, it is not worth writing and if someone has already said it, it is not worth repeating is probably a poor excuse and certainly not an adequate explanation why people stop blogging. Some people enjoy writing but the academics have a problem of attribution of ideas. It is time-consuming to check out every idea and document with some level of comfort that the idea is original.

I would like to think that what I write is original but I recognize that it may not be. Let me mention some ideas I been addressing in no particular order that are troubling but have not been adequately addressed.

The dispute about waiting on tables in Acts 6 is both a criticism of the leadership and a response to intermarriage that must have occurred in the Jerusalem community. The Lucan Jesus addressed the issues in Luke and Luke by rewriting Nehemiah 9 addressed the issues in Acts.

Repentance is also an issue. Matthew and Mark respond by making almsgiving and repentance less important. However, Matthew and Mark may have understood the Prophet Isaiah as suggesting repentance was no longer required because the obligation was too difficult.

Sometimes the best way to understand a Biblical idea is to review what Jewish writers, like Josephus and Ben Sira, said or did not say. Why are Jeremiah, Jonah and Saul more important than David and Isaiah in the writings of Josephus?

Developing ideas is time consuming and some times I have to slow down the writing to have some time for the thinking. I hope you understand. I am hoping blogging for me will continue to be “an enjoyable creative outlet” as it ought to be for Tyler.

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