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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fishers of Men

The message on the sign in front of the church was directed to those driving by but I was wondering about its applicability to the first century audience. The sign said:

We are called to be fishers of men
We catch them
God cleans them

In the first century, all factions of Judaism were concerned about purity: purity in the temple and purity of the people. All sides were zealous in their cause. Men such as Saul and Paul were advocates. All sides issued condemnations directed to the other sides. They did so because they believed that the conduct of the other sides created impurity that would bring the wrath of God on them if they such conduct were not strongly condemned and properly corrected.

We see evidence of this conflict in the Pauline epistles and Acts of the Apostles.

The message on the sign could have been posted in the first century.

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