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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Richard Fellows responds

I remain unconvinced, for the reasons that I have given. Joanna has an important eye-witness role (but no more so than the others), but I see no reason to suppose that she was related to Theophilus. And even if she was related to Theophilus, that would not be reason enough to equate Theophilus with Theophilus the high priest. Most men in Palestine at that time will have had a Joanna in their extended family. Unless I have missed something, the whole line of argument is very tenuous.

The name “Theophilus” was, in my view, an alias and was used by Luke to protect the identity of his addressee. Theophilus therefore could have been absolutely any high status person with an interest in Christianity.

Richard Fellows

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Blogger Richard H. Anderson said...

Yes you did. Theophilus was not a common name in Palestine in the relevant time period. Most men would have a Johanna in their family only if they had a large family with several sisters as Joanna was only the 5th most popular name.

Only rich people had ossuaries. Rich people represented less than 5% of the population and probably less than 2%. Only the GLuke and the ossuary contained the name of Theophilus and Joanna. Only one Theophilus had a granddaughter named Joanna.

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