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Monday, December 05, 2005

The mini-maxi debate

and have been blogging about the accuracy of the Biblical evidence of the historical existence of Israel in the time of King David. Although Jim West is a minimalist and discounts all kinds of historical evidence, he is quick to tell us that his blog is worth $ 77,341.98 and that that some of the numbers on the “How Much is My Blog Worth”, but not the value assigned to his blog, make “makes no sense at all to me.” Now I am first to admit that none of the numbers will make any cents and that these numbers are not even evidence of comparative value. I present Jim’s own blog as Exhibit “A” containing substantial evidence that Jim is “a closet maxi” and one willing to submit weak evidence of the existence of value but not willing to accept any evidence at all of historical existence. However, in spite of these very ssubstantial wweaknesses, he does have a vvery ggood bblog. And Jim, I will sell you my blog for only 58712 cents!

Exhibit “A”
Biblical Theology
A weblog about Biblical Studies, Theology, and current events, by Jim West, ThD, a fahrender Scholastiker who dashes through life in the greatest haste.

December 2, 2005
Blogworth Checkup

I've checked again and here are the values of the blogs I read according to "How Much is My Blog Worth?"

Biblical Theology - $77,341.98 (Zwingli Bowl)
Richard Anderson- $58,712.16 (Tongue in Cheek Bowl)
Rob Bradshaw - $11,290.80
Better Bibles - $92,020.02 (BCS Bowl)
Alan Bandy - $19,758.90
Tyler Willians - $0.00 (which makes no sense at all to me)
Joe Cathey- $0.00 (again, makes no sense) (NRA Bowl)
James Crossley - $11,855.34
James Spinti- $0.00 (but his is quite new and will clearly rise)
Deinde- $0.00 (another one which makes no sense)
Michael Bird- $24,275.22
Ben Meyers - $63,793.02
Chris Heard - $14,678.04
Stephen Carlson - $34,436.94 (Synoptic Bowl)
Mark Goodacre - $57,583.08 (Cricket Bowl)
Brandon Wason- $25,968.84
Michael Pahl - $23,710.68
Loren Rosson- $0.00 (still makes no sense) (Tolkien Bowl)
Prophet Talk - $2,822.70
Claude Marliottini - $7,339.02
Scholar in Training- $3,387.24
The Magdalene Review- $2,258.16
Biblioblogs- $0.00 (which really makes no sense)Bible Dudes- $3,387.24
Paleojudaica- $71,132.04 (Orange Bowl)
Ralph the Sacred River- $42,905.04
Ken Ristau - $14,113.50
SansBlogue- $24,839.76

copyrighted 2005


Blogger Jim said...

Me??? A Mximalist???? NEIN!!!!!


Fun post though, Richard, thanks for it!

10:41 AM


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