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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Caesarea Philippi

Luke [Lk 9:18-22] omits the name of the place where Jesus asks his disciples: "Who do the people say I am?" while Matthew [16:13-23] and Mark [8:27-33] identify the name of the place as Caesarea Philippi.

When did Caesarea Philippi receive its name as Caesaria Philippi? When Josephus mentions in War and Antiquities the construction of a new city by Philip at Paneas, Josephus names the place as Caesaria. The first mention of Caesarea Philippi in Josephus is when Herod Agrippa II is the ruler of the region. Does any other first century writer provide any information about this subject? Is the failure of Luke to mention Caesarea Philippi evidence in support of the priority of Luke because Caesarea Philippi did not receive its name until some time after Jesus' famous visit to that community and thus is evidence of anachorism by Matthew and Mark?

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