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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Who is most excellent Theophilus?

In 1995, I realized that there were a number of reasons why a theory stating that Luke wrote to most excellent Theophilus, the High Priest made eminent sense. After compiling a list of reasons, I prepared which I submitted to Professor I. Howard Marshall, editor of Evangelical Quarterly. Thereafter, while waiting for my article to appear in print, I wrote which was also accepted for publication by Evangelical Review. Since that time, I have published two other articles.

This blog is dedicated to the writings of Saint Luke because the Gospel has been my favorite book for as long as I can remember. Luke, more so than the other gospels, has focused on prayer, repentance and almsgiving. I hope to add my insights on the writings of Saint Luke and provide you the reader with a better understanding of why Luke has seized upon the developing consciousness of individual piety of the great prophets of Judaism and utilized these concepts[i] of , and to explain the spiritual dynamics of the kingdom.

[i]. The third concept is 'almsgiving' when expressed as a true sacrifice where the donor derives no benefit from the gift and someone in need benefits thereby. The concept of sacrifice was so strong the terminology carried over to almsgiving, prayer and repentance as 'service of the heart' even before the destruction of the Temple.
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