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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Wonderful Three-Day Weekend

We visited our son at Penn State, two sisters in Ohio, attended the Stark County track meet in which our nephew participated with perhaps 500 or more contestants; attended a varsity soccer game in Jackson Township in which our niece sang the Star-Spangled Banner and another nephew scored one goal, and at least one assist, enjoyed the second half of the Penn State football game, missed the 1st half because of the soccer game, and visited with relatives, etc. and had a wonderful time. Gas prices dropped from $3.13 Friday to $2.79 Sunday but will probably be $2.89 per gallon this coming week. We have another road trip next weekend to Virginia.

On our return trip across central Pennsylvania, we noticed that the trees had started to change colors; perhaps next weekend we will see the change in southeast Pennsylvania. We heard that the baseball season was over for Philadelphia and that the Eagles were losing badly. As we enjoyed the fall foliage, we heard the news that the Eagles had pulled off an incredible upset.


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