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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Repentance in the OT

I was discussing repentance in the OT with a lawyer friend whom I call the Rabbi. He was preparing for Yom Kippur. He tells me that repentance is not mentioned in the first five books and that the prophets developed the doctrine of repentance.

When I mentioned this conversation to John Lupia,
editor and moderator of Roman-Catholic-News,
Roman-Catholic-News , he responded with the following:

METANOEIN occurs in 1 Kings 15:29; Proverbs 20:29;
24:24, 47; Wisdom 5:3; Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 17:24;
48:15; Amos 7:3, 6; Joel 2:13, 14; Jonah 3:9, 10; 4:2;
Zechariah 8:14; Isaiah 46:8, 9; Jeremiah 4:28; 8:6;
18:8, 10;

METANOIA occurs in Proverbs 14:15; Wisdom 11:23;
12:10, 19; Sirach 44:16.

Thank you, John.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would think the question is not whether METANOEIN appears in the LXX of the Pentateuch, but whether the Hebrew SHuV appears in the MT -- and I believe that it does appear, not infrequently in the Pentateuch. One would need to do some study perhaps to ascertain whether these correspond to what one would call "repentance" in the NT.

8:48 AM

Blogger Ray said...

Actually, because shuv also means return or turn back, you simply cannot take every instance of shuv and make it assume a meaning of repent. For example, in Genesis shuv is used in many places, but is used to refer to a turning back, or returning, NOT repentance.

Whereas, in 1st Kings 8, the word Shuv is used and is translated as repentance.

8:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The texts of Ex 13:17, 32:1, Num 23:19, Deut 15:29 seem to use SHuV in the sense of radical change of mind and heart, even negatively with regard to God's inflexible intent.

7:10 AM


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