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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Mission to the Nations

Ulrich Luz is the name of the theologian that comes to mind when addressing the issue of the abandonment of the Jews in the Gospel of Matthew. The fourth and final volume of Luz’s Commentary on Matthew has been published in German and Fortress Press has published two of three planned volumes in English in the Hermeneia series. The English volume three will correspond to part of volume three and all of volume four in the German. After the appearance of volume three, a revised edition of volume one is due to appear.

I mention this because I understand that Ulrich Luz has revised his position and now agrees that Matthew 10:23 does imply that the mission to the Jews has not ended. Before Luz had indicated that the Matthean Jesus with the Great Commission had initiated a mission directed exclusively to the Gentiles and that Israel had lost its chances. Luz has now indicated that the above statement does not accurately state his previous position and that his fourth volume has clarified his position. I look forward to the English translation containing the revised position of Ulrich Luz. I think this is a major development and one that will also impact Lucan scholarship with respect to this issue.

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