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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


"getCITED is an online, member-controlled academic database, directory and discussion forum. Its contents are entered and edited by members of the academic community. By putting its content in the hands of its members, getCITED makes it possible to enter in and search for publications of all types. This means that, in addition to the books and articles accessible with other databases, book chapters, conference papers, working papers, reports, papers in conference proceedings, and other such research outlets can all be entered and then searched for within getCITED. In addition, getCITED makes it possible to link publications with all the publications in their bibliographies, thereby making possible a wide variety of publication and citation reports."

I have entered my personal data into the system that you can examine at

The entry for Jim West of Biblical Theology
is listed in getCited at

To illustrate how the system works, look at the entry for one of my articles, published in the Journal of Biblical Studies at

Members of the getCited system cannot only examine entries made by others, they can also within limitation create new entries such as I did for the Journal of Biblical Studies so that I could link my article to my name. I, of course, informed Brian Tucker, the general editor, what I have done so he could edit the entry if necessary. You can create entries for works that you cite as your contribution to the database.

“As a getCITED member, you can LINK a CITATION so that it can be displayed in getCITED CVs. CITATIONS are displayed as links, allowing you instant access to reference information about the work that cited you. getCITED also keeps STATISTICS of the number of CITATIONS linked to a PUBLICATION.”

Since I have been cited, I plan to obtain the necessary confirmation information and enter this information into the system. I may need to make an entry for the books that cited my article and the author who cited me.

I see a number of benefits to the academic community: 1) a new search tool; 2) additional exposure to scholars; 3) a computer base citation system; 4) more opportunities to cite and be cited.

Any one can become a member of getCited, even students. However you should be aware that getCited have installed audit-tracking tools to protect against abuse.

I enrolled last Sunday and experienced a number of problems with getCited. I found that the help desk responded quickly, acknowledging that they were having problems with the indexing program that has since been resolved and further that some of the instructions are not clear. I now feel comfortable recommending that you check the entries I have provided to see if you like what you see and if you do join. If I did not share these entries with you, you would need to join to see them.


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