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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Atonement as a Rite of Healing

In my last blog, Transference and the Day of Atonement, I discussed the concept of transference as a modern day of explanation of the meaning of the temple rituals performed two thousand years ago on the Day of Atonement.

As part of her explanation of Atonement as a rite of Healing, Margaret Barker in Great High Priest stated: “The priests are said to ‘bear’ the guilt of the sinner after they have performed the atonement ritual for inadvertent offenses (e.g. Lev. 10.17), yet the LORD, with the same verb, is said to ‘forgive.’ ‘Who’, asked Micah, ‘is a God like you bearing, i.e. forgiving, sin?’ (Mic. 7.18). Job asked (again reading literally): ‘Why do you not bear my transgression and cause my guilt to pass away?’ (Job 7.21). There are many examples. What emerges is that ‘carrying’ iniquity was the role of the priests, of the LORD and of the scapegoat.”[i]

[i] Barker, 48.

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