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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Leaving the grid

It used to be that only the religious ones left the grid; now the green people have made it a quest to make their own energy and/or find sustainable alternates for society. I am thinking about our extended weekend in Lancaster County made possible by the calendar and how we enjoyed having no computer, telephone or television and what it might be like to live without electricity. We ate dinner last night with an Amish family in Paradise family style and likewise at the Bed & Breakfast and in the restaurants. Our Amish host explained how he could live in a brand new house the envy of his neighbors and the English by using a combination of solar, battery and wood furnace to provide radiant heat and light. The psychotherapist from Manhattan told us all of his patients came to see him not because of drugs, alcohol or depression but because they were alienated and not connected to the grid but he was talking about the societal grid. Last year, there were certainly a lot of celebrities not connected. And our meals were delicious and the conversations most enjoyable. Our B & B host told us how he is the richest poor man in Lancaster in a million dollar B & B on six acres with some sustainable energy alternatives which left me wondering if this was the road to Paradise which is not straight and easy.

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