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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Josephus and the Angels

That the law was given by the angels is a well attested tradition that we found in the New Testament and Josephus. Therefore it would seem strange to suggest Josephus has rewritten part of sacred scripture to change and/or eliminate references to angels. However, it is clear that he did so in his rewriting of the Book of Daniel. For some reason Josephus removed the two references to the archangel Gabriel. Consequently we need to investigate further to ascertain the reason why Gabriel appears in the Book of Daniel and the Gospel of Luke but not in the writings of Josephus. As noted in Rewriting Sacred Scriptures, Josephus has altered tests relating to personalities that only appear in Luke-Acts. This is yet another example.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would not rely on Josephus too deeply. Its a compilation of various texts of differeing Greek styles unkown to Tacitus and the Talmud. 2nd or 3rd century Pseudographia in whole or part.


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