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Thursday, December 13, 2007

In her heart

One verse in Daniel 7 interests me: “As for me Daniel, my thoughts greatly troubled me, and my countenance was changed: but I kept the matter in my heart.” This same idea is expressed by Mary in two different verses. In Lk. 2:19 we read: “But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Later at the end of chapter two we read: “And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them; and his mother kept all these things in her heart.” These two verses may form an inclusio.

When Dunn indicated that Luke toned down the Danielic allusions to chapter 7, did he consider Luke 1:32-33?

“He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there will be no end.” These two verses strongly allude to Daniel 7:13-14.

Luke certainly was thinking about Daniel 7 as he crafted his masterpiece.

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