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Monday, October 26, 2009

You satisfy the hungry heart

In my church on Reformation Sunday we sang You satisfy the hungry heart for which the Archdiocese of Philadelphia holds the copyright for the text and the music. I suppose the performance of this hymn on Reformation Sunday in an ELCA congregation is a statement about ecumenism or perhaps a new recruiting method directed to Roman Catholics much in the same manner that the Pope is trying to make Catholicism friendly to Anglicans.

Mary Douglas in Jacob's Tears asserts that the role of the OT priesthood was to reconcile the tribes which action was necessary as a rewriting response to Ezra Nehemiah and its polemics against foreigners and intermarriage. “The proposition of a priestly agenda for reconciliation” is a provocative thesis that is already causing me to rethink why certain allusions appear in the writings of Luke.

This is a project to work on when I have more time!

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