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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who Mentioned Chappaquiddick First?

My parents were in Sweden visiting relatives when one of the visitors invited to meet the Americans said in Swedish, ask the the Americans about Chappaquiddick. My father responded in perfect Swedish that the visitor should be more concerned by the King of Sweden who had recently been stopped by the police for a DUI. My parents told me there was absolute silence in the room because it was considered bad manners to attempt to place the King in a bad light.

When I visited my relatives in New England one year after Chappaquiddick they took me to that place on a thirty foot sailboat to test the currents.

It is unfortunate that Chappaquiddick is mentioned; but that is human nature. The obituary always includes that event that is for most people the memorable event they wished had been forgotten. Senator Edward Kennedy should be remembered for his legacy and accomplishments without the footnote. We should all hope that the supreme judge does not remember our Chappaquiddicks.

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