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Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Order

Based upon the explanation by Robert C. Tannehill
citing Martin Völkel

I started reading The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts and was immediately distracted by a discussion about what Luke meant by “in order.” Tannehill said that Luke explained what he meant in Act 11:4 when he wrote: “But Peter began and explained to them in order.”

Peter gave an explanation that was not in strict chronological order of the events as the events happened but in the order he experienced the events. For example, we learn about the encounter of Cornelius with the angel at the beginning of the story but Peter does not find out about the encounter with the angel until Cornelius tells him. The explanation is from the viewpoint of Peter who is very Jewish, like his compatriots in Jerusalem. The people listening to Peter experienced the events in same order that Peter experienced them.

It is obvious that I will need to read both volumes to see if Tannehill gives any more examples.

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