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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Best post of the year

The next carnival should be interesting. Tyler Williams at Codex invites us to submit our best post of the year. Tyler likes to grade papers. I do plan to select one from my short list. This should be a good offset to those letters we all receive from friends at this time of the year as an insert to their Christmas card telling us about their year. Unfortunately much of what I do is subject to attorney-client privilege. I did have the occasion to meet and discuss with a recently retired FBI agent his involvement in the investigation of the theft and recovery of the seven Grandma Moses paintings. They were stolen from a house within walking distance of my current residence. Apparently the thief repented and shipped them anonymously to the Grandma Moses Museum which coincidently had been named by the owner in her will as the beneficiary. I suppose these friends writing letters follow up by making New Year’s resolutions. I find that the later I make my resolutions the better chance I have at keeping them.

I have started preparing my list of nominations for the Best Post of 2006. Of course, I will be the judge.

Can of Worms, 1-24-2006

The Problem of Allusions and Synoptic Solutions, 1-28-2006

The Fruits Theology of Matthew, 2-1-06

Delay of Parousia, 2-23-2006

Word of the Lord, 3-1-2006

On the Third Day, 3-5-2006

Precision Time Markers, 3-6-2006

Positions of Prominence, 3-7-2006

Verse 12, 3-12-2006

On the Third Anniversary, 3-20-2006

Reading Luke Chiastically, 3-26-2006

Lack of understanding of Theophilus, 4-1-2006

The Significant of Miletus, 4-3-2006

Common or Unclean, 4-6-2006

Rewriting the Transfiguration, 4-9-2006

Stephen's Sermon, 6-1-2006

Intermarriage, 6-6-2006

What is the most important issue in NT Studies? 6-12-2006

Independence Day, 7-2-2006

Something Happened, 7-5-2006.

As a matter of policy, I do not plan to consider any posts written in the second half of the year.

Although, my first choice is Independence Day, I have to tell you that there are several posts that I believe will be very significant for Lucan studies. Certainly, some of the thoughts and concepts of these posts will figure prominently in my writings in 2007. During the year, I received emails from people commenting on my blog and requesting “my two cents” causing me to write extensively on Jonah, parables and worms. Thank you for your comments. These comments are appreciated and they do cause me to consider new areas. As you might suspect, I am attempting to better explain the literary structure and/or solve the central travel section. I also have reflected extensively on Jonah, parables, stewardship, victory motif and salvation.

Repentance is also very important. Did the art thief repent or did he see the FBI agent parked in the street in front of his house?

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