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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Talbert’s Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Parallels

The fifth parallel given in the list is the correspondence of 11:14-36 to 17:11-37. Both contain a healing followed by a discussion of the signs of the Kingdom of God and a warning about the last judgment.

The seventh parallel is the correspondence of 11:37-54 to 17:1-10. Both contain an exhortation to rebuke one’s brother if he sins.

The seventh parallel is the correspondence of 12:1-48 to chapter 16. Both elements contain three themes: the threat of hell, riches and stewardship. The two elements of the seventh parallel are balanced. However, as Plummer noted, the conduct of the unjust steward is commended by the master and thus is a role model for rich men who neglect to distribute alms and ignore the beggar at their gate.

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