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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Sewer Blockade

All minimalists should read this about the Pool of Siloam and how it true dimensions have been discovered. “This is the first time we find seals that can be dated earlier, to the beginning of the Kingdom of Judah." The article mentions another find and states: “the regal capital of a pillar was discovered, dating from the ninth century BCE (the period of David and Solomon). This is further evidence of the historical existence of Israel during the time of King David. Now I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions but I promise to bring to your attention new evidence of historical existence as soon as it appears. Jim West did mention this article first. Thanks Jim.

The next sewer blockage may led to further revelations.

Someone I know is a museum curator. He also is an amateur archeologist and bottle collector. He tells me that the secret to finding good bottles and other interesting historical items is to determine where the outhouses were located in a particular city neighborhood and conduct the dig along this imaginary line so many feet from the rear of the residence. It helps to have a good city map for the time period in which you are conducting your dig.

And A happy New Year to you too!

I do not know what was about me in Dutch but I am mentioned.

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Blogger J. P. van de Giessen said...


Short translation of Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel (Bible Notes):
"At the end of the year we all get many email and postcards. It's the time of reflection. So do Jim West and Richard H. Anderson in their blogs."
The rest of the blog is about the lonelyness of many people in this time of the year.

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Blogger Richard H. Anderson said...

Thank you J.P.


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