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Friday, November 11, 2005

Actions have consequences

While the federal court in Harrisburg was deliberating the legal consequences of introducing “intelligent design” into the school curriculum, the voters in that school district, 25 miles southwest of the state capital, last Tuesday replaced eight members of the school board, demonstrating that voters have some intelligence. Pat Robertson also commented on their intelligence. He said they have rejected God.

These intelligent voters joined many others across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who voted NO, not on a school bond issue, but in a judicial retention election. This was the first time a Supreme Court Justice lost a retention election in the history of this non-partisan judicial election. It seems that the voters realized there was a connection between the Supreme Court decision holding that unvouchered expenses as a loophole to pay increases and the recent whooping pay increase the legislature voted themselves effectively immediately. The justices had said it did not violate the constitutional provisions on pay raises. The voters recognized that it was not ethical to make such a distinction. Our politicians did not think the voters were that intelligent. This is one person who has been denied his pay raise.

Our third comedy occurred in the town next door. Bill Clinton, running as a Democrat, was elected council member of the Upper Providence Township council. But the presidential Bill lost in this Township every time his name appeared on the ballot.

John Grogan of the Philadelphia Inquirer, commenting on the retention election said: “The harlots of Harrisburg have been handled a valuable life lesson. Actions have consequences.”

What did the politicians say? You can read it here.

I say that life in Pennsylvania is always interesting.

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Hmmm! To whom may we now address our illwill regarding energy prices and price gouging, permitting similiar results?

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