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Monday, November 07, 2005

How are the college football rankings determined?

I am a Penn State graduate and of course, I am a Penn State football fan. How are the BCS rankings determined? I asked this question on the Internet and discovered Howstuffworks In their advertisement, they say you can find out everything from engines to lock picking to bigfoot. I even found a number of articles on how penance works! However, Howstuffworks does not have any information on how to determine the dollar value of a blog, a subject that seems to fascinate some bloggers these days.

I am reading the following books:

Judaism and Christianity in first-century Rome edited by
Karl P. Donfried and Peter Richardson;
Rich and poor in the Shepherd of Hermas: an exegetical-
social investigation by Carolyn Osiek;
Soloveitchik on Repentance;
Penitence and Sacrifice in Early Israel Outside the
Levitical Law by R.J. Thompson and
Theology of Hope by Jurgen Moltmann.

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Blogger Ron said...

Good luck figuring out the BCS mess!

11:41 AM


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