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Monday, July 11, 2005

What is an inclusio?

An inclusio is a literary device, an enveloping of sorts, where the concept at the beginning and end of a section is the same, thus "including" or "enveloping" the intervening material. Inclusio serves as bookends to the entire passage between. This literary structure was employed in several different books of the Hebrew Bible.

There is no question that Luke employed a literary structure to frame “a skimpy meal.”

I have attempted to include in parallel columns Luke 9:7-9 in English followed by the Greek in the left column and Luke 9:18-20 in English followed by the Greek in the right column and then place my achievment on my blog.

I give up!

My compromise blogging solution:


Blogger Leo Wong said...

Was the difficulty in displaying the columns or the Greek?

3:54 PM


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