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Sunday, July 03, 2005


Already the social critics are asserting the “Performances did not deliver on the cause” and the “event lacked moral voice.” They said that it is naïve to believe that the White G8 leaders would be so impressed by people attending a free concert that they would commit to spending more money to save starving Blacks in Africa. The problem with the premise of the organizers and performers is that not everyone believes that the value of a life of a child in Africa is equal to the value of the life of a child in the Red States. We are more likely to spend money installing netting off the Florida coast to protect a few swimmers from shark attacks than increasing the size of the mere pittance we provide in aid to the people of Africa.

This merely demonstrates why it is so important for bloggers to send the message that we too agree the life of a child in Africa is important to us.

Shouldn’t we who have more than two coats give one to a person who has none (cf. Luke 3.11)? Shouldn’t the richest nations in the world provide food and clothing to the poorest nations? Is not this what Luke would tell us to do? See my blog, Luke Remembered the Poor,


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