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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Most Excellent Theophilus

Lee Dahn has created a new blog, Most Excellent Theophilus

Welcome Lee. This blog is designed by Lee Dahn to be a companion to my blog. I am honored. Lee also has another blog, New Testament Studies,
that has addressed some difficult questions of interpretation with a refreshing viewpoint. Lee and I disagree as to whether Luke presents Jesus as the high priest but I have been reviewing very closely the arguments presented by Crispin Fletcher-Louis. I still believe, in agreement with I. Howard Marshall, that Luke does not present Jesus as the high priest.

I have yet to write detailed comments about the nature of blogging. I suppose for me the nature will change and there will be more interaction between Lee Dahn and I. If so, the interaction, and I guess this would be called debate, should be interesting and lively. It should permit us to set forth the extent of our agreement and disagreement of who is Most Excellent Theophilus, when and why Luke wrote to him. Hopefully other people will join the debate and express their valuable views, which will further define the scope and nature of what it means to blog.

By the time I develop my comments on the nature of this new type of blogging, its nature will change again into something new and perhaps more interesting.

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