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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The following articles appearing in Biblica discussing aspects of Luke-Acts are posted on the Internet. Enjoy.

J.J. Kilgallen, The importance of the redactor in Lk 18,9-14

J.J. Kilgallen, Jesus’ First Trial, Messiah and God (Lk 22,66-71)

J.J. Kilgallen, The Apostles Whom He Chose because of the Holy Spirit’ A Suggestion Regarding Acts 1,2

J.J. Kilgallen, The Obligation to Heal (Luke 13,10-17),

J.J. Kilgallen, ‘With many other words’ (Acts 2,40):Theological Assumptions in Peter’s Pentecost Speech

J.J. Kilgallen, Hostility to Paul in Pisidian Antioch (Acts 13,45) — Why?

R.F. O’Toole, How Does Luke Portray Jesus as Servant of YHWH

Floyd Parker, The Terms “Angel” and “Spirit” in Acts 23,8

D.W. Rooke, Jesus as Royal Priest: Reflections on the Interpretation of the Melchizedek in Heb 7

Domimic Redman, The Crucifixion as Chaoskampf: A New Reading of the Passion Narrative in the Synoptic Gospels

Steven James Schweitzer, The High Priest In Chronicles: An Anomaly in a Detailed Description of the Temple Cult

Rick Strelan, Who was Bar Jesus (Acts 13,6-12)?

John Topel, What Kind of Sign Are Vultures? Luke 17,37b


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