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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Two New Research tools

My sister, the wise librarian, sent me this.

I copied this information from the site:

Welcome to Findory!

Just click on the articles that interest you. No signup required.
The more you click, the more personalized your Findory homepage will be.
Enjoy a great Personalized newspaper!

Findory News: Personalized News

Findory News is a newspaper built just for you. Other web news sites show the same news to everyone, but not everyone is the same. Findory News shows you articles that you want to see. It adapts to your reading habits and emphasizes news articles from around the world that are most likely to be interesting to you. Following the world events? Findory News will show you more articles about world events, even focusing on the particular parts of the world you seem to be interested in. Following the presidential elections? Findory News will favor articles on the presidential campaigns, even emphasizing the campaigns you've been reading about. By paying attention to the news you've read recently, finds the news articles you don't want to miss.

I also want to mention
New Testament Hyper-Concordance by Sean Boisen


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