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Saturday, July 01, 2006

False Messiahs will arise

Both Matthew and Mark include the verse: “False messiahs and false prophets will arise and show signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect” with minor variance. Luke does not include this verse. The emergence of false prophets appear to reflect the circumstances from the mid-fifties CE to the end of the Jewish War as described by Josephus. The “signs and wonders” of the false prophets resembles the “signs of deliverance” of a false prophet mentioned by Josephus. Luke does not include the phrase, “signs and wonders” in his gospel but does use the phrase to describe the work of the Apostles (Acts 2:14-21, 43; 3:1-11, 16; 4:8-12, 30; 5:12, 15-16; 9:31-43).

Why does Luke not include the phrases, “false prophets will arise” and “signs and wonders”?

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