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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The devil is in the details

Now that Judas has been rehabilitated, what is the role of Satan? In the Gospels of Luke and John, Satan enters Judas. In Luke, Judas, after Satan enters him, becomes a leader of "this wicked generation" "leading the arresting party" and "serving as a guide to those who arrested Jesus."

The last mention of Satan or the devil in Matthew and Mark is sometime prior to the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. It seems that Satan has left the scene, that his role in Matthew and Mark is incomplete, almost as if he was written out of the gospel and left hanging!

It is the kind of mistake a copyist might make. Rewrite the Lucan passion account leaving Satan out, forgetting that he was present in the wilderness tempting Jesus and at Caesarea Philippi tempting Simon Peter.

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