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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Guest becomes the Host

Hospitality is an important virtue with strong biblical connection. When people meet and dine, particularly when family members meet and dine together they share. They share the news of the day, the trials and victories and receive tips and ideas for handling the trials of the days to come. The families that eat together stay together. In these words, there is a quiet recognition that the sharing of information, particularly instructional information, is an important aspect of the meal.

In the Book of Proverbs we read about a feast set by Wisdom herself where she invites very unlikely guests to the table. Witherington has announced his new commentary on the Gospel of Matthew viewed against the background of the Wisdom literature. It should be a good read.

This announcement has caused me to think about the wisdom literature in Luke. In one passage appearing only in Luke we read, “Therefore also said the Wisdom of God, I will send prophets. . . .” But I am ahead of myself as I merely intended to announce that I will begin a series on Lucan table fellowship about which I have strong feelings.

Belief does influence perception. Furthermore knowing who Theophilus is, does change the way we view the meal Jesus begins as a guest and ends as a host. Jesus changes his role in the middle of the meal. It changes our view of Emmaus and the theology of the skimpy meal and of the full meal.

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