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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jeremiah Allusions in Luke

Luke is sitting on the shoulders of the Prophet Jeremiah. Why did the unknown artist see Jeremiah as the most influential prophet utilized by Saint Luke? Any answer would be arbitrary but the least I can do is share this with you.

Someone did compile a list of eighteen Jeremiah allusions in Luke and my guess is that such lists existed and were available to those who created this magnificent cathedral in Chartres, France. Jeremiah is certainly ranked among the great OT prophets and it may be that such ranking was sufficient for him to be included with Isaiah, Ezekiel and Daniel in the selection shown last Saturday. I have been reviewing the Jeremiah allusions and I may have more to say.

Alan posted the companion photograph showing John on the shoulders of Ezekiel and provided an excellent explanation for his selection. I guess that is why he is writing the thesis and I am wondering if Jeremiah was a bullfrog!

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Blogger Sean LeRoy said...

Interesting post...I look forward to your future comments / thoughts on this topic. This reminds me how marvelously connected the NT is to the OT.

11:09 AM


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