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Thursday, August 04, 2005

What I am reading

I know some bloggers periodically list the books they are reading. My wife counts the 5 or 10 books lying around the house and wants to know if I am reading all of them at the same time?

I do have a habit of starting a book, reading a chapter and digesting it while I am reading another book.

Loren Rosson, the busybody,, mentioned Stephen Finlan's The Background and Content of Paul's Cultic Metaphors, on the discussion group, XTalk (Historical Jesus). So I am now reading this book along with the others my wife has noted that are not on the shelves where they belong.

This book emphasizes the Judaic cultic background of NT atonement language rather than Hellenistic cultural setting and background. Finlan has also published Problems with Atonement: the Origins of, and Controversy about, the Atonement Doctrine [Collegeville, Minn.: Liturgical Press, c2005] but this book is not yet available at my library. You can read the pre-publication information at

So I close by thanking Loren Rossen for bringing this author and his published writings to my attention.


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