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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Bishop is coming

Last Friday there was a power outage and when power was restored I had no Internet connection. It took me a while, most of the weekend, to figure out how to disconnect the modem and the router my son had installed and to reboot, all in the correct sequence. They did not teach me that in law school. In fact when I was in law school there were no computers, let alone the Internet.

Anyway, I thought about the fact that the Bishop would be visiting my church to preach and would be available after the service to answer questions about the call process since our minister had announced his retirement due to illness. I struggled with composing questions that would allow me to ask about the ELCA task force report without mentioning the words that could cause turmoil. I decided not ask any pointed questions limiting myself to how the Bishop would determine the appropriate candidate to be interviewed by our call committee.

The Bishop preached from the assigned reading in the Gospel of Matthew how Jesus with his Sermon on the Mount turned the world upside down. So I very bravely, during the question and answer period after the church service, asked the Bishop if he was going to send someone to our rural mission church who would turn our world upside down.


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