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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Votive Practices at Mount Gerizim

The recent PhD Thesis by Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme © 2011 with the lengthy title, Before the God in this Place for Good Remembrance: An Analysis of the Votive Inscriptions from Mount Gerizim contain the following statements:

“Gerizim in the 2nd century BCE and therefore the votive inscriptions from Gerizim offer us a rather unique window to Yahwistic votive practice in Hellenistic period Palestine.
As mentioned above, the conclusion is reached that there is nothing particularly ‘Samaritan’ about the worship carried out on Mount Gerizim in the 2nd century BCE, but that the sanctuary on Mount Gerizim simply gives us an example of Yahwistic worship in Hellenistic period Palestine.”

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